Acne Clarifying Facial

Acne Clarify Facial, $135

This Clear Me Up Acne Facial Treatment is truly customized to the type of acne you have, the condition of your skin during the visit and any dermatology prescription you are on.  Clear Me Up utilizes a unique combination of exfoliating enzymes, peptides and probiotics resulting in a noticeably clearer, smoother complexion. Differing from the Spa Bliss Facial, this treatment uses an enzyme peel to kill bacteria and boosts the skins immunity.

Our Savvy Skin Acne Specialist will discuss in detail the history of your acne, underlying medical conditions, stress level, lifestyle, diet, current homecare program, acne treatment history, and allergies. This customized acne facial treatment will include the following: Cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, acne mask, facial globs to reduce acne inflammation, acne serum, acne moisturizer, and acne safe SPF. At Savvy Skin we take immense pride in knowing that ALL of our products are free of pore clogging ingredients. Extractions are performed in this facial, if skin is prepped and extractions can release without breaking the integrity of the skin.

Results are most effective when offered in a series and accompanied by a customized home care program.


Essential Benefits of this Acne Facial Treatment:

  • Removes clogged pores to reduce future breakouts and scaring
  • Our extractions are near painless and will NOT leave marks on your skin
  • Your skincare specialist will quickly determine the triggers of your acne and constitute a game plan during the facial
  • Balancing your skin is the key to reducing acne breakouts whether your are oily, dry, or sensitive
  • Learn tips for proper skincare and managing problem skin

***Depending of the level of acne we may also recommend enrolling in our supervised Acne Specialist Coaching Program. Our coaching program has a 90% success rate at clearing acne over a 12 week period. Please feel free to contact us will any questions you may have regarding your acne and the acne specialist coaching program.


***Many clients love to add the LED, Light Emitted Diode, treatment to this service for enhanced skin health results ($50)





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