Magical MicroCurrent

Magical Microcurrent $155
Magical Microcurrent combines two high end services – Microcurrent & LED – to create a one of kind, state of the art, skin transformation treatment.
Benefits of Magical Microcurrent:
  • Plump lips, Crows Feet minimized, Lifted brows & cheeks
  • Visible wrinkles decreased
  • Pigment lightened
  • Indented scarring reduced, filled out and plumped
  • Lifts, tightens, evenly tones, and minimizes pores
  • Creates flawless skin, even for those with damage & aging
  • Optimizes skin healing & recovery
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin
  • Continued results days after receiving the treatment
The Treatment Process:

Nicole meticulously selects the best serum to address your skin concern, next a cooling conductive overlay is placed over half of your face as she drives the products in deeper and stimulates your body’s natural current to lift, tighten, and tone the skin.  Following this, the all-time favorite LED treatment is performed to smooth and tighten the skin, while killing bacteria and boosting your skin’s collagen and elasticity.

Treatment Packages:

Magical Microcurrent yields the best lasting results, changing the skin, when purchased in a series.  The series of 6 is performed twice a week for six weeks. These results will change your skin and will only require a quarterly maintenance treatment to combat aging and new environmental damage. However, Magical Microcurrent is safe enough to receive monthly after the series.

 Series of 6: Series $750, Savings of $180

State of the Art Equipment & Expertise Knowledge:

Nicole prides herself in staying at the forefront of the skincare industry.  Her Microcurrent machine is not just any microcurrent machine, and same with her LED treatment.  They are the top of the line machines that offer the best treatments, combined with Nicole’s expertise and manipulation of the skin. Joining these two services, which are not usually compounded together, the results will blow you out of the water. Nicole is the only one who offers this microcurrent service in southern California, the closest person who uses this machine is in Thousand Oaks.