Before & After Photos

HydraFacial Treatments: Deep Cleansing, Acne, and Skin Rejuvenation

Adriana 1 Hydrafacial


Skin concern: Active acne, pigmentation forming due to acne

Before and after a single Hydrafacial treatment and switching to our Cranberry Pome Cleanser and Jane Iredale, the skin care make up, foundation for two weeks.  Active blemishes have disappeared, skin is hydrated and plump, and her discoloration has been restored.







hydrafacial treatment results



29 year-old female had improper extractions prior to coming to Savvy Skin, leaving her with deep pigmented scars. She did a series of Hydrafacials, LED, Brightening serum and is now religious with her skin care.





savvy skin spa hydrafacial before and after



Before and After. After a series of 4 Hydrafacials geared to reduce redness and indentation. Scarring and trauma has smoothed, and redness has significantly minimized.






 Anti-Aging Treatments: Forever Young and Microcurrent

Linda Anti Agine Results


Skin Concern: Dropping around the eyes and cheeks, wrinkles around eyes and sagging from natural aging

Before and immediately after a Forever Young Facial treatment.  Notice the instant plumping, tone and texture in her skin.  The eyes and cheeks lifted, providing a youthful tautness, the skin around the lips, eyes, nose tightened and smoothed, and the wrinkles on her forehead have diminished.