Chemical peels are used for a variety of skin concerns, from acne to scarring. Peels purge clogged pores, lighten pigmentation, smooth scars and indentations, and exfoliate dead skin. Your Skin Care Specialist will guide you through the proper preparation pre and post any peel. The skin many times needs to be prepped weeks in advance before receiving a chemical peel.

Designer Peels:

Whatever your skin concern, we have a Designer Peel for you:
1. Sensitive Skin,
2. Acne, and
3. Aging & Environmental Damage.

Our esthetician will choose the Designer Peel perfect for your skin type and concern. Benefits of our unique Designer Peels:

  • Zero Downtime, No peeling, No redness
  • Instant results, with optimizing improvement days later
  • Reduce Pigment, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, & Sun Damage
  • Decrease Active Acne and Scarring from Acne Lesions

Single Peel- $150 Single peel will yield immediate results, while optimizing the skin’s health, ultimately lightening skin concerns over the following 3 days without any peeling or downtime.

Complexion Perfection – $200 This services has quickly become a client favorite because of the amazing instant results. We have combined the HydraFacial MD exfoliation treatment and the Designer peel for the perfect skincare treatment, with no down time.